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Industrial Strength Screws in Pinellas Park, Florida

Choose from a stupendous selection of sturdy screws, stainless steel, zinc plated and galvanized when you place an order with Tri-City Bolt & Screw, your #1 source for durable, long-lasting screws and fasteners. To get started, contact us today to speak with a member of our distribution team.

Concrete Screws
Concrete screws are masonry anchors that cut threads into concrete and hollow blocks. These screws are specially designed to attach to electrical boxes, wood headers, plywood, and exterior building facades.

Specialty Screws:
Sammy Screws — Screws with Attached Rod Couplers to Make Quick Work of Threaded Rods from the Ceiling
ZAC Screws — Made from Precision Cold Forged Steel to Ensure Superior Point Strength and the Fastest Drilling Time Performance throughout High-Strength Steel and Nested Purlins
Integral Cupped Hex Washer Heads — Washer Heads That Will Never Rust and Are Specially Designed to Maintain low Driving and Thread Engagement Torque While providing Maximum Clamp Load

Brands of Screws, Industrial Strength Screws in Pinellas Park, FL

An Extensive Selection of Screws:

     Drywall Screws
     Deck Screws
     Sammy Screws
     ZAC Screws
     Concrete Screws
     Anchor Screws
     Stainless Steel Screws
     Hex Head Screws
     Flat Head Screws

     Tapcon Screws
     Ultracon Screws
     Trim Fit Screws

Secure your important equipment in place with fasteners from Tri-City Bolt & Screw in Pinellas Park, Florida.